Save Time

Buying car insurance takes time out of your busy schedule. Remember that the right coverage can protect you and your family, but price is always important in this economy today. Save time by purchasing Insurance at Excel Brokerage. We have different quoting incentives that can insure you. So tell us the coverage you need and we’ll find the right price for you.

Compare Competitive Quotes

We can help choose the coverage you need. We can also find the most affordable insurance that provides all of the coverage you need to make sure that you are properly protected.

We accept most cars and drivers

Excel Brokerage offers auto insurance for all drivers even those that have had a history of driving violations or accidents, have not kept their insurance in force or have less than perfect credit. So, you can still find a good price for your auto insurance needs.

Low down payments

We realize that you have other things you want to spend your money on. Therefore, it is our goal to offer a low down payment option to every policyholder. We offer payment by credit card, and we accept electronic checks.

Convenient monthly payments

We combine our budget-sensitive payment plans with electronic verification of driver information and vehicle information when you are buying the policy so there are no surprises to you down the road and have consistent payments every month.